Skin & Beauty – HIFU

Skin & Beauty - HIFU

Skin & Beauty – HIFU

One of the new methods of skin rejuvenation and lifting without the need for surgery is called hypho. In this article, we introduce this method.


HIFU and ways to do it

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. HIFU uses ultrasonic waves and with the help of new technology and tools such as lenses, focuses these waves at one point. Focusing the waves at one point increases their power and produces thermal effects at the center of the waves. The heat generated destroys the old collagen and elastin fibers in the tissue. Various therapeutic effects can be achieved by adjusting the degree of penetration of ultrasound waves into different layers of the skin.


This method is used to treat pigmentation and eliminate small skin pigments and brighten the skin. The penetration depth is about 1.5 mm and the waves penetrate into the superficial dermis layer. Treatment is performed weekly, and optimal treatment results usually appear after one month.

Tighten the skin and treat wrinkles

To achieve this, ultrasound waves are applied to the main layer of the skin, ie, the dermis at a depth of 3 mm, and the temperature of the dermis layer reaches about 60 degrees Celsius. Increasing heat will destroy old collagen and elastin filaments and causes shrinkage of younger filaments. By making new collagen strands instead of damaged strands within a few months after treatment, the skin is stretched and wrinkles are removed.

Skin lifting and lifting

For skin lifting, the penetration depth of the ultrasound should be increased to 4.5 mm and targeted at the layer called the SMAS, located at the deepest point of the skin and just above the muscle. The skin temperature at this point may rise to 70 degrees Celsius. The SMAS layer is the layer that cosmetic surgeons work on during lifting surgery and has role of scaffolding and a base on which different layers of skin are laid. The thermal energy released in the SMAS layer causes the film to shrink, stiffen and stretch. The result is a lifting and strengthening of the underlying muscles. Results usually appear within three months of operation and last between one to two years.

Benefits of HIFU

No need for surgery and anesthesia, lifting only in one session, low complications, proper staying time, no bleeding and no risk of disease transmission, desirable treatment outcomes, no age restriction, repeatability, no radiation, safe procedure and No pain.

Use the HIFU to lose weight

In addition to using HIFU for rejuvenation and lifting of the skin, which is usually done on the face and neck, this technology is also used for topical skin care. Ultrasound waves are focused on areas that have unwanted fat (such as the abdomen, arms and thigh) and produce heat. A temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius causes severe damage to adipocytes and possible death of these cells and is said that it permanently destroys cells in the area of ​​interest (although this requires further investigation). Treatment is usually performed in a few sessions and the results are usually completed within three months. It should be noted that Haifo does not help with weight loss and is only effective for local weight loss.

People who can’t use HIFU

Pregnant women, diabetics, people with epilepsy, those with metal prostheses, and those with heart stents should not use this technology. If herpes or ulcers are active in the area you should wait until the wound is fully healed.

Other therapeutic uses of HIFU

In addition to rejuvenating the skin and helping with weight loss, HIFU has been used in the treatment of breast, prostate, liver and bone tumors as well as in the treatment of uterine Fibroids. HIFU has also been used to treat tremors in Parkinson’s disease.

It seems that the relatively new HIFU technology is a low-risk, easy-to-use method for rejuvenating and lifting the skin and reducing fat, however, its application is not limited to the skin and beauty, and we will see further application in the treatment of diseases in coming years.

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