Skin & Beauty with BB Cream

Skin & Beauty with BB Cream

Skin & Beauty with BB Cream

It’s not late that BB Cream has been introduced to the European and US cosmetics markets, but within a short period it has become one of the best-selling cosmetics. Hence, in this article we introduce this product.


History: For the first time in 1960, a German physician invented the BB Cream formula to protect the skin of her patients after minor skin and peeling surgery. Due to the popularity of peeling and skin brightening among Eastern celebrities, especially Koreans, these people began to use this cream after peeling, but it was not long before BB Cream was first approved by Korean women and then widely used by other East Asian women. The product reached Japan, Southeast Asia and then Europe and the US after Korea. First batches of BB Cream entered the European and American markets in 2012.

BB Cream Uses: In short, BB Cream is an all-in-one makeup cream. A good example of a reputable brand can act as Base Cream to partially cover pores and roughness of the skin, act as a moisturizer, with proper SPF to protect the skin from UV and eventually due to its color agent making skin color looks uniform. The versatility of this cream has saved people’s time and increased popularity among cosmetic users.

BB Cream Limitations: Despite the benefits mentioned for BB Cream, it should be noted that it is more commonly used for fast and everyday use and should not be over-expected. First, the BB Cream shelf life is less than the foundation creams, and the effect disappears throughout the day, so it needs to be reapplied. The sunscreen is also suitable for a typical work day when the person is mostly in the car or at work, but for a half-hour walk in the sun it is better to use a sunscreen cream separately for skin protection. BB Cream is also not a good choice for people who have very rough skin and want to cover up skin irregularities (such as acne scars). Another problem with BB Cream is its limited color variability. BB creams are usually only available in a few general colors and do not cover different shades. Therefore, some people are not satisfied with the color of these creams. People with very oily skin may also not be satisfied with all types of BB Cream because most of these creams do not have the ability to absorb excess skin fat. It is important to note that some brands have found a solution to these limitations and have developed creams that are oil-free or have UV protection and SPF properties.

BB Cream or Foundation: This is the question most makeup experts ask that which of these products is better: BB Cream or Foundation? The answer to this question is that the one that works best for you, use that one. If you are going to a party or want to attend an important event that requires perfect makeup, you may want to use a foundation cream. The advantage of using Foundation is that it lasts for a long time on the skin (some brands have created a foundation with a 24-hour effect), secondly it gives much better coverage to the skin, thirdly other Cosmetics ingredients like powder creams is applied better on foundation creams, and eventually they come in more varied shades. That is why makeup professionals usually do not use BB Cream for makeup. Also, if your skin is rash or acne-prone due to acne or other factors, it is best to use a foundation cream. Conversely, if you want to do makeup in a short amount of time using a type of cream, BB Cream is the best choice for you. BB Cream moisturizes your skin, protects it from sunlight, covers small pores and roughness, and evenly tones skin. Another advantage of BB Cream is that you do not usually need a sponge pad or brush to apply it, and you can easily apply it with your fingertips on the skin and the makeup is also unlikely to deteriorate with BB Cream, while the foundation cream is best applied to the skin by a sponge pad or brush. However, sometimes the makeup with these creams does not work out as well as one might expect.

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