Skin rejuvenation with acupuncture

Skin rejuvenation with acupuncture

Skin rejuvenation with acupuncture

This traditional Chinese medicine dates back to more than seven thousand years. In the field of medicine, therapies for a variety of diseases are mentioned and numerous medical researches have been done in the last sixty years, as well as acupuncture skin rejuvenation. In fact, the evidence-based medical approach examines the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine during the Chinese Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) invented a method called Mei Rong for skin beauty and rejuvenation, and practitioners practiced Chinese medicine using acupuncture and herbal remedies. In fact, they rejuvenated the emperor’s skin and those around him. Moreover, Chinese herbs, herbal masks, Gua Sha, rollers and various other tools are used in beautifying and rejuvenating the skin.

Traditional Chinese medicine, as a holistic medicine, not only focuses on the beauty of the skin and its rejuvenation, after the diagnosis of meridians and unbalances, it also has a particular interest in diet as well as physical activity of tai chi (a Chinese practice).

Acupuncture for skin rejuvenation

Beautiful and rejuvenated skin using acupuncture relates to a wide range of skin disorders such as wrinkles, skin lifts (for facial skin sagging), scars on the face, acne and so on.

In general, the skin is made up of three parts: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The epidermis is the outermost part of the skin and contains dead (outside) and living (inside) cell layers. This layer is thinner than the other two layers (dermis and hypodermis) and shows wrinkles and scars.

The dermis is beneath the epidermis and is relatively thick. This layer is made up of nerves, hair follicles, sweat glands and small muscles. This layer also contains two important proteins collagen and elastin. In the dermis layer, collagen forms a diagonal network that holds the skin firmly like a scaffold. This collagen scaffold is reinforced with another protein called elastin in the middle. Elastin fills the collagen like a ball in the middle.

At birth, these two proteins make the baby’s skin very clear and flexible. Gradually, during the aging process, solid collagen scaffolds in the dermis layer will loosen up and elastin will be diminished. These two major changes will make the clear, supple skin of childhood be with wrinkles and less supple in one’s middle age. The hypodermis layer is beneath the dermis layer, with larger vessels and nerves attached to fat, muscles and bones.

Removing wrinkles and acne with acupuncture

In order to beautify the skin, acupuncture needles are deeply embedded through wrinkles in the dermis layer. Injury caused by needle insertion into the dermis causes hemorrhage in the layer, leading to cellular and immune reactions. The body’s response following needle entry results in fibroblasts strengthening, collagen and elastin regeneration, and clearing of free radicals accumulation under the skin. Finally, after a few hours to a few days, the damaged skin is more transparent and firm with reduced wrinkles.

The facial skin becomes saggy due to aging and the effect of gravity. In the case of saggy skin, acupuncture is a very effective method. Experienced and trained acupuncturist is able to lift the skin by a special technique and perform the so-called lifting of the skin. Obviously, this treatment is natural and non-surgical and has a good permanence.

Herbal masks in Chinese medicine

Herbal masks also have a special place in Chinese medicine. These organic masks are selected and applied based on examination and skin type. Herbal masks are very effective in the health and healing of cutaneous injuries.

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