Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

Skin Rejuvenation Techniques – Nowadays people of all ages pay more attention to the appearance of their skin which has increased the tendency to use skin rejuvenation methods among the people, but the variety of these methods has made many people hesitant to make the decision. Choose between available methods. For this reason, we decided to study skin rejuvenation and its common methods.

Mechanical method: In this method, the skin surface is shaved with a tool and the skin looks better and more lively after the repair process. The old method was known as Dermabrasion, where the surface of the skin was shaved and polished by means of a abrasive tool and the pores of the skin were reduced to a certain degree, but it required a great deal of skill because it could be pressed too much. , Damage the skin.

Newer models of these devices are known as Microdermabrasion, which spray high-speed abrasive-like powder on the skin and then vacuum it, causing the skin to peel off. The advantage of this method is its relative safety, and younger people who only need to peel and moisturize the skin can use it. This method is not used at an early age to relieve wrinkles or to repair acne, as it does not have the power to affect these lesions.

Chemical method: This method, also known as peeling, removes dead or damaged skin by applying chemicals that are mostly acidic. The mildest of these methods is the use of peeling worms by the patient himself, usually done at night before bedtime, using fruit acids such as alpha hydroxy acid.

This method is effective for some skin spots, superficial pimples and fine skin folds and generally makes the skin brighter and more lively. Creams containing Vitamin A or Retin A are more exfoliating and should be used more carefully because they can damage the skin. These worms should be used away from light and before bedtime, and after using them, it is advisable to avoid using mobile phones and computers. Dermatologists usually prescribe a combination of these substances depending on the individual’s needs.

But the main method of peeling practiced by physicians and usually at a meeting is the use of strong chemicals for controlled burning of one’s skin, which results in the creation of new skin. In this method, the chemical solution is applied to the skin and is quickly washed off in less than a minute. After a while, the skin of the person becomes shattered and the new skin is replaced.

In the past when new techniques for peeling and rejuvenating the skin were not popular, this method was popular among physicians and patients, but with the advent of new methods and with the high risk of complications, the overall acceptance of this method has now decreased. . However, if you want to do peeling, you need to make sure that this is done by an expert and preferably a physician with extensive experience.

Skin Rejuvenation Techniques

Injection method: These are relatively newer and are used to correct wrinkles and droop. The most well known of these methods is Botox injection. It is a weakened toxin, a bacterium that causes severe muscle contraction and muscle paralysis. After injection, the subcutaneous muscles in the injection area develop temporary contractions and paralysis, causing skin elongation.

This method is very effective in wrinkles that are not yet deep, such as the forehead or between the eyebrows, but it does not have much effect on the old and deep wrinkles. The main problem with this method is that it needs to be repeated because the paralysis in the muscles is not permanent and usually lasts from six months to a year. Of course, this method can also have side effects and therefore it should be done by the knowledgeable. Another method is to inject filler or gel.

In this way, a type of gel that cannot be easily digested and absorbed by the body is injected into specific areas of the skin that have been dug. The most common injection site is the crease between the lips and the outer edge of the nose, which usually develops or deepens with age or as a result of severe weight loss diets. The gel fills the empty area and gives the person a better look. The major drawback of this method is the absorption of the gel over a period of six months to two years (depending on the shelf life of the gel) that needs to be repeated.

Also, in some cases, unfortunately, the gel migrates from the injection site to other areas, giving it an unpleasant appearance and needs to be drained with the help of surgery. However, these problems usually occur with gel injections in moving areas such as the lips. So, it is better for those who decide to inject gel just for the sake of beauty.

Mesotherapy is a new method of injecting fillers in which substances are deeply injected into the skin. In this technique, various substances such as injectable collagen, vitamins and homeopathic substances are injected into the skin. Many goals and benefits such as hydration and vitamin supplementation, skin collagen repair, or subcutaneous adipose hydration have been mentioned for this procedure, none of which have been proven by reliable scientific and academic research. And.

However, if the Skin Rejuvenation Techniques is performed by well-meaning people, the method is relatively safe, but its effectiveness cannot be ascertained. It should be noted here that the method of using tiny needles on the surface of the skin to create small holes and is known as micronideling is not an injectable method because it does not inject material into the skin. In the next issue, we will look at microdeleting, skin care tips and other rejuvenation methods including lasers.

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