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Why weight loss surgery is effective but diet isn’t?

Why weight loss surgery is effective but diet isn't?

Why weight loss surgery is effective but diet isn’t?

The title of this article may be confusing. It’s not that diets aren’t effective at all, they are not just working for everyone. For very obese people who are unable to move and have a lifelong struggle with their overweight problem, diets have no effect. Why? Here’s an explanation for this.

Many people mistakenly assume that the problem of overweight and obesity is simply due to not having enough diet, but this is a misconception. There are many metabolic factors that help us control our weight. One of the reasons that human beings can survive in different situations is their ability to adapt. Our bodies are designed or evolved (depending on what you believe) to help us survive. If we look at the body from this perspective, we find that the ability to store the extra fat, which is a rich source of energy, is of great benefit to our survival. We need to maintain the body’s vital balance, and our body is working towards that goal. If we lose weight, we feel hungry. Feeling hungry is the way our bodies work to ensure balance is vital.

Our body produces a hormone called Ghrelin, known as the “hunger hormone”. This hormone increases our desire to eat. When we lose weight, our bodies increase Ghrelin secretion, which makes us hungry and eat more. When we diet, this hormone works against us. The more we lose weight, the more this hormone is secreted. The increase in this hormone is to help us regain balance. When we return to our normal state, and our bodies tend to return to their former state. This system will not work properly as long as we do not return to our basic weight and the increase in this hormone will not disappear. The levels of this hormone will remain high, the body will continue to excrete it intensively, and our weight will increase even higher than when we started our diet and exercise program. It is not known exactly which cells secrete this hormone, but most of these cells are thought to be in the basal part of the stomach called Fundus.

One of the reasons that weight loss surgery is so much more effective than diets is that surgery targets precisely the secretory cells of the hormone (at the base of the stomach) and rid the person of much of the hormone. Bariatric surgery, depending on its type, eliminates or balances the secretion of this hormone. This is one of the reasons why Bariatric surgery has a much higher success rate than diets. As soon as the surgery is done, the feeling of hunger disappears. You lose weight without having the desire to eat that you get from diets and exercise.

Eating well and exercising are essential to the health of the human body. My point is simply to say that the problem of those who have been struggling with obesity and overweight all their lives is not just lacking the will to diet and other factors contributing to their problem that need to be addressed in ways other than diet. To be solved.

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