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Know facts about green tea

Know facts about green tea

Know about green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular and healthy drinks worldwide that due to its health benefits, there are a variety of flavonoid compounds, many of which are antioxidants and are being consumed for their weight loss effects. However we need to know what is the best way to breathe and what times it may not have good effects on our bodies.

  • One of the important points is not to use boiling water to brew green tea, as it eliminates many of the heat-sensitive compounds in green tea. So it is best to wait two to three minutes after boiling the water to cool slightly. Putting a teapot containing green tea on the straight heat or pouring boiling water on the brewed green tea has no use other than eliminating its heat-sensitive compounds.
  • To brew green tea, use a teapot or ceramic cup, as the teapot and cup will affect the color.
  • It is better to use natural tea leaves instead of tea bags. Best ratio of tea to water; (One teaspoon) Per cup.
  • One to three minutes is enough to brew green tea. Exceeding that, the taste of your drink may become bitter. If your tea has a mild taste, you can give it a little more time to brew. After brewing several times, pour it into the glass and return to distribute the tea evenly throug the cups.
  • Avoid consuming stale green tea as it has been brewed several times because it is possible to grow bacteria in addition to losing antioxidants.

It is recommended not to use green tea under the following conditions:

  • Pregnancy
  • With an empty stomach due to an increase in stomach acid or immediately after a meal due to impaired digestion and lack of absorption of some nutrients
  • Immediately after taking the medication
  • Before bed because of the effect on the brain and sleep disturbance

Also, don’t drink more than two to three cups of green tea a day, as it can cause insomnia, anxiety, irritability and iron deficiency in the body.

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