What to tell ourselves?

What to tell ourselves?

What to tell ourselves?

We start thinking through using words when we are about two years old. Thinking, which may not necessarily be logical, begins at this age with the emergence of the word, and words become, until the end of their lives, the most important tool of thought formation and the subconscious mind. So “what to say to ourselves?” plays a very important role in thinking.

According to the psychological model of thinking, feeling, action, and results, we must be very careful about the words we use to explain our states. These words, through thought-provoking, shape the emotional, operational, and consequential destiny of each and every aspect of our lives.

If we consider ’empowerment’ and putting ourselves in ’empowerment position’ the key to success, changing the words we use is one of the first things we need to do to become empowered. Changing those words that use them will make you too loose and fragile to achieve your goals. Change words that reduce your commitment to getting what you want. Remember, the debate about these words is exclusively about using them to be in a “position of power”, not about the intrinsic value of those words.

Seven phrases are forbidden for thinking in the “position of feeling power”: “I need”, “I want”, “I try”, “It’s Bad”, “I can’t”, “Possibly” and “Maybe”.



The word need indicates “feeling helpless” in you. As long as you need to achieve your goals and dreams, you are not in a “position of power” about them. “Feeling Needed” is a feeling based on “Feeling Deficient”, “Lack of feeling” and “Feeling Weak” which are all opposite of the feeling of power. Use the phrase “I Choose” instead of “I need”.


Wanting and not wanting are points for feeling of need. In using it, there is no passion for progress, but a reflection of lack of one’s inner strength to move forward and achieve what he wants. Instead, use phrases like “I feel like” or “I Desire”. In this form of choosing the goals of life, there is the power of more enthusiasm.


The phrase “I’m trying my best” indicates your suspicion of doing things. In the “feeling of power” position, there is nothing like “I’m trying”. Either “I doit” or “I don’t it”. Either you feel “committed” or no committed to a job. Never “commit yourself to trying”. “Commitment to strive” instead of “Commitment to do” signifies your state of doubt and commitment to do the job. Instead of “I try” always say “I commit to do”.


In the real world, very few things are “bad”. Many of the events we call “bad” are, within themselves, “good” opportunities to change the status quo and move on to a better situation. The problem with the easy-going nature of man is that everything he considers “hard” is “bad”. Opportunities are often “hard” but never “bad”. Use the word “Opportunity” instead of the word “bad” to get into the position of feeling powerful.

“I can’t”:

The word “can’t” sacrifices your energy. The “position of feeling power” is not based on “can” or “cannot”, but it i based on the word “choose”. Talking to yourself on a “can” or “can’t” tighten your range of activities. Instead of “I can’t”, use the phrase “I chose not to do this” in situation of “feeling of power”. In the sense of the word “choice,” there is always the right to choose, and that right is one of the rights that always puts you in a “position of power”. The more powerful you are, the more choices you have.


In the psychology of success, the Pipe Smoker Personality is used. A person who looks at you with a pip in his hand and looks at you with a thoughtful gesture, always using words like “likely” prevents you from being in a “position of power” towards your goals. Don’t doubt your decisions with words like “possibly”. These words will decide your life. Instead, use “definitely yes” or even “definitely not”. You should have no problem saying “no”.


“Maybe” is a message of mistrust. It shows you are doubting your dreams, your goals and the things you are passionate about. Using the word “maybe” will waste your time, money and energy. Use the “I agree” or “Yes” in your daily conversations about your goals and dreams to be in the “position of feeling power”. “Maybe” is the opposite of “Burning Desire”.

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